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as one of the most important factors for a future home purchase … Find out why

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When people search for a new home, there are many factors that weigh in on their decision: price, amenities, neighborhood, the square footage, rent or own, new or old, and much more.

Don’t make the mistake

of forgetting to add another important aspect of home buying to this research list- school districts. Even if you don’t have, or never plan to have school-age children, school districts can still have quite an impact on your home value and living area.
Over 36% of Canadians cite schools or school districts as one of the most important factors for a future home purchase.

4 Important factors to consider in your next home search

A Good School District = A Good Neighborhood

When it comes to real estate, the name of the game is location, location, location. Great location can mean safer neighborhoods, an abundance of places to eat, ease of access to transportation, proximity to urban, beach or vacation areas, and amenities like public parks and services.

A Good School District = Higher Selling Price

You do want to do everything in your power to make sure you get the best that you possibly can for your family. Home buyers should think about resale and building home equity when selecting their new home- even if they do not plan to move in the near future.

A Good School District = Home Value Stability

Even in a down market, an excellent school can be the rising tide that lifts all nearby home prices. Homes can go up or down in value based on macro-volatility or local area changes, but a great school district can act as a major factor for strong values in a given area when the market is rough.

A Good School District = The Best Education for Kids

Don’t rely on word-of-mouth and take the research of school districts for granted before taking a leap and making such a big life decision.

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